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hello boys and girls

in theory this is a geeko community for all of us to talk about films and such without having to trawl through individual user posts to be a complete nerd

on the other hand it will be pitifully ignored

we shall see

i am sorry for the pink. it's a tenenbaums colour. i will try prettify this later, unless someone else is volunteering to sex this place up.
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I actually like the pink and blue... it looks like a tampons advert.
i'm trying to saaaht it aaahttt okay!

i need a good background picture.
the royal tenenbaums is the most pitiful excuse for a film i've ever seen... almost. harold and maude was pretty horrible. anyway, you should give this journal a REAL theme from a REAL movie, like antonioni's l'avventura.
you fat lying fuck. wes anderson makes your crotch sweat.

i was thinking of making a new theme per week, or FORTNIGHT (that's proper speak for 2 weeks)