Here's one thing I've learned from the movies! (littlefoot82) wrote in dalmatian_mice,
Here's one thing I've learned from the movies!

I watched Waiting for Guffman last night, for what is probably the 30th time. Friends find it alarming that I can recite large portions of the improvised script and that I know all the words to the Stool Boom song.

So I thought we should discuss the brilliance of Christopher Guest and his ensemble, improvisational mockumentaries for a while. Go.
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hmm i haven't seen that one - but i have best in show on dvd and saw a might wind at the cinema. both were good but at times kind of tested my patience... like the 5 minute scene where the bloodhound dog guy just talks about nuts.. or how his dog has a telepathic connection. the improvisation does allow for a lot of spontaniety, but it also means there's a lot of crap as one or two of the actors visibly seem to be filling up a scene with the first thing they think of just for the hell of getting something on camera.

jennifer whatsherface is brilliant though.. as are eugene levy and catherine o'hara.
omg, i missed this! its true, guest and co. are wonderful and brilliant. waiting for guffman is too fucking good for me to have not seen it in like, a year. im renting it soon.