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alright, time for another film community cliche. or many!! i was bored.

1. last 10 movies youve seen, at home or the cinema.

2. 5 favorite directors, past or present. FAVORITE, not best.

3. favorite film cliche (as in angle, framing, that whole mise en scene thing, action (a kiss, etc), gag)

4. 3 most overrated "classic" films. doesnt have to be gone with the wind, it can be... battleship potemkin! though im sure film-gods will send you to hell for that.

5. chaplin or keaton?!?!

6. favorite hitchock

7. have you seen any of satyajit ray's films?

8. maya deren - yay or nay?

9. more important - for the film to really be astounding, or for you to get emotionally involved? or does one force the other?

10. somebody gives you a projector and a beautifully pristine print of your choice. what movie do you get?!?!
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