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at the risk of sounding clichéd (but i'm struggling for chat until some people actually join this goddamn thing) what were everyones 10 favourite releases from last year?

1-2-3 GO.

(chris, i upgraded you to a maintainer so are you allowed to modify info, interests (i think we need some...) page layout etc?)
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the only ones i really, really enjoyed:

the dreamers
good bye, lenin!
before sunset
kill bill (vol 2, i guess, but i'll just the both of them as the one thing)

ones that i saw that were merely okay:
the life aquatic
eternal sunshine
coffee and cigarettes
harold and kumar
spring, summer, fall, winter... and spring

ones that i havent seen yet, but i might like:
motorcycle diaries
i heart huckabees
hotel rwanda
house of flying daggers
the brown bunny
vera drake
and yes, I PUT HAROLD AND KUMAR. it was one of the few stupid comedies i actually enjoyed. i dont know if it was just a one time thing and i was in the mood where i react to that kind of stuff, but in any case, i laughed and had a good time. anchorman and dodgeball may or may not have had their moments, but overall they didnt come near the glory of harold and kumar go to white castle.
ah im beat and about to crash so ill make my own reply tomorrow (as well as the 5 question thing i made you do).. I WANT TO SEE SPRING SUMMMER but i dont think it was shown here at all. have you heard of Last Life in the Universe? It's set in Thailand or something.. er check it on imdb.. but it looks really good too. In more Asian cinema news, i also missed 2046. dammit.

is afie, alfie? not some obtuse polish comedy called afie? er alfie was alright, i guess rent it but its mostly style over susbtance. nice style though. and siennas boobies swinging free as she chops up a zucchini


yes, i meant alfie. it was okay. boring, but a somewhat decent waste of time. i enjoyed the attractive women, and sienna. but i still dont think shes AMAZINGLY stunning.
she was easily the most interesting vignette in the thing though. and the hottest. i want a 60s boho chic girlriend
This community fills me with joy.
i will choose ones that are termed 2004 movies, even if they werent released her til new year:

eternal sunshine
before sunset
the life aquatic
i heart huckabees
the motorcycle diaries

floating around in the mix:
garden state
napoleon dynamite
the bourne supremacy (!)
bad education
kill bill 2